Ceramic Pulley Lagging

In an industry where reliability is crucial and the unplanned down time can result in millions of dollars lost over a single day, Elastotec focuses on producing pulley lagging that is engineered to last as long as the mechanical components on the pulley.

This enables the pulley to be operational when required.

To ensure that the conveyor never stops because of a lagging failure Elastotec has identified four things that are important:

  • Understanding the operating conditions for each pulley

  • Selecting the correct lagging for each application

  • Engineering the lagging for each application

  • Applying the lagging to Elastotec specifications.

The Elastotec Lagging Partner program is designed to support companies that are aligned with our goal of ensuring that pulley lagging lasts as long as the mechanical components on the pulley.

The Elastotec Lagging Partner Program includes the following:

  • Elastotec Lagging Engineering Course
  • Elastotec Lagging Application Course
  • Lagging Failure – Root cause analysis
  • Elastotec Lagging Selector Tool
  • Lagging Analyst Tool
  • Joint site visits to understand lagging performance improvements required by the mine
  • Annual lagging facility audit
  • Elastotec Application Procedures and lagging materials
  • Application checklists and adhesion tests on every pulley
  • Joint warranty to end user
  • Data base of lagging field performance.

Pulley Lagging Value Chain & Innovation Engine


  • Longer Service Life for mine sites
  • Competitive advantage for Elastotec Lagging Partners
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