Nepean conveyors becomes an Approved Applicator for Elastotec Direct Bond Ceramic Lagging

Nepean Conveyors is one of Australia’s most successful suppliers of large scale, fully integrated, mining conveyor projects. Nepean Conveyors supplies markets throughout Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, China, Indonesia, Japan, Great Britain, Canada and the United States of America.

Nepean Conveyors understands the importance of plant reliability in the mine environment and has recently added the Elastotec Direct Bond Ceramic Lagging to their pulley range.

Elastotec is a specialist manufacturer of pulley lagging products with a focus on providing the “Longest Service Life” to mining companies. This is achieved through:
•    Analysis of lagging failures from pulleys returning from the field for refurbishment
•    Engineering based on this analysis that is built into each Elastotec lagging product
•    Advanced bonding technology
•    Detailed Elastotec Application methods
•    The use of Approved Applicators that are trained by Elastotec
•    Application records that are kept for each pulley.

Recently the lagging team at Nepean Conveyors Mackay undertook two days of intensive training in the application of the Elastotec Direct Bond Ceramic Lagging (DBCL) system.

David Molesworth the Technical Director for Elastotec conducted the training and was impressed with the existing skills of the Nepean Conveyors lagging team and the professional approach to approach to implementing the Elastotec DBCL application procedures.

Quintin Roberts the General Manager of Nepean Conveyors Mackay operation said the company is committed to providing their customers with the highest levels of product performance. To support the introduction of the Elastotec DBCL to their lagging range Nepean Conveyors Mackay have installed a temperature controlled work area. This will ensure consistent and reliable lagging performance at all times

Recently Nepean Mackay applied the Elastotec DBCL to six large tripper pulleys for the FMG Anderson Point Port Hedland operation.

The Elastotec Direct Bond Ceramic Lagging has a number of technical advantages over lagging from other suppliers – these include:

  • High performance epoxy adhesive system including a metal primer that provides adhesion > 20 MPa to both the ceramic tile and to the steel pulley shell.

  • Automated mixing system to eliminate any chance of operator error and ensure consistent results. Also minimises waste of mixed adhesive.

  • Unique tile design to reduce application time and provide consistent TIR.

  • Detailed application procedure and training programme.

For more information contact:

Quintin Roberts
Nepean Conveyors Mackay
Ph: 0418 773838

Greg Smith
Nepean Conveyors Perth
Ph: 08 92639263

David Molesworth
Elastotec P/L
Ph: 0423 200178

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