Elastotec expands lagging operations

Our dedicated teams in Australia and Vietnam working really hard to understand lagging performance, and to engineer solutions that provide the longest possible lagging service life under all conditions.

New Approved Applicator

Early in 2019 Kledkaew Inter Products Co, Ltd. a rubber lining company based in Bangkok Thailand were approached by a representative from a major power station, with a request for a pulley lagging that would significantly extend the lagging service life beyond the 12 months that was typically being achieved with the rubber lagging currently in use.

The importance of good metal preparation to good lagging adhesion

Correct pulley shell surface preparation is essential for good lagging adhesion. Grit blast to a 50-100 um surface roughness and check by measuring at multiple points across the pulley face and around the pulley circumference.

EL.IN Approved Applicator

EL.IN. is an engineering company based in Grevena in northern Greece. For many years EL.IN. has been refurbishing pulleys for the Public Power Corporation (PPC) of Greece. PPC operates seven power stations that are fuelled by Lignite and a number of mines that supply the fuel for these mines. The PPC operations have conveyor systems with over 2,000 pulleys in service with a number of different lagging types in service, including rubber, cold vulcanised ceramic and direct bond ceramic.

Martin Sprocket China

Martin Sprocket and Gear (Martin) is an international manufacturer of power transmission, and materials handling equipment including conveyor pulleys and idlers. Martin has 35 plants located throughout the USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and China. The company is focused on manufacturing high quality products, maintaining large inventories to ensure superior service to their customers, being contactable 24/7 and providing exceptional field support.
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