80% Ceramic Lagging


Elastotec 80% Ceramic Lagging is designed to provide a rubber backed ceramic lagging with a high coverage aluminium oxide tiles. The increased tile coverage reduces the shear stress between the lagging and the bottom cover of the belt and also protects the rubber backing from physical damage and wear.


Increased grip and traction for applications where rubber lagging is experiencing slippage.
Maximum ceramic coverage protects the surface from physical damage.
Rubber layer between all tiles sides to provide cushioning and reduce the risk of tile cracking and damage.
Available in 250 mm wide rolls that can be cut to suit any pulley size and make it easy to install.
Available in highly abrasion resistant SBR for above ground applications and FRAS for underground and high risk applications. Coloured wear indicator (Blue for SBR and Red for FRAS).
High quality rubber formulations designed for good bonding, resistance to degradation by out door exposure, and good abrasion resistance.
Buffed CN Bonding layer for increased adhesion.
Available with uncured bonding layer for Hot Vulcanised application.
Can be supplied in a range of thicknesses (12,15 and 20 mm).
Suitable for long term service at temperatures from -40C to +70C.
No tile debonding from the rubber backing.
Increased tile coverage reduces shear stress between the lagging and the bottom belt cover.
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