Exclusive Distributor of Elastotec Wear Panel Systems

Elastotec has a developed a range of high performance ceramic wear panels for use in the mining industry.

Based on composites of state of the art ceramics, high strength, high resilience elastomer and S/S and engineering polymer backing plates the Elastotec wear panels are precision vacuum moulded. This ensures a rubber tear bond is obtained between the rubber and the ceramic tiles and the rubber and the polymer backing plates. The 100% rubber tear bonding ensures that the ceramic tiles are retained in the panel even under the most arduous operating conditions.


Elastotec has formulated a range of wear resistant ceramics. In house ability to test key ceramic properties including Vickers Hardness, Flex Crack Toughness and Wear Resistance has enabled Elastotec to optimise the ceramic performance and confirm these properties on each production batch. Elastotec wear panels can be made in a range of ceramic materials to suit a variety of end use applications. These include:

Aluminium Oxide Al2O 92% Economic cost with reasonable wear resistance
Aluminium Oxide Al2O3 96% Improved wear resistance
Aluminium Oxide Al2O3 99% Aluminium oxide with improved flexural crack resistance – used in applications that require some impact resistance and exceptional wear resistance.
Toughened Aluminium Oxide ZTA Aluminium oxide with improved flexural crack resistance – used in applications that require some impact resistance and exceptional wear resistance.
Zirconium Oxide Cerami YTZ Combines very good wear resistance with exceptional flex crack toughnes

Ceramic Oxide Properties



Elastotec has a strong background and knowledge of elastomers. The elastomer is the lowest cost raw material in a ceramic wear panel but provides critical functions of retention of the ceramic tiles and cushioning from impact. Elastotec has developed a high strength ( >30 Mpa Tensile Strength), high resilience ( >60% resilience) elastomer with in built adhesion promoters. As with the ceramics Elastotec has in house testing capability for all these elastomer physical properties and can guarantee 100 % rubber tear bonds between the ceramic and the polymer backing plate for each and every panel.


Backing Plates

Elastotec has backing plates available in S/S and also engineering thermoplastic(ETP).The ETP offers a number of unique features – reduced weight, provide – corrosion resistance, increased impact resistance and reduced cost. For many years the automotive and appliance industries. For many years the automotive and appliance industries have been using engineering thermoplastics as metal replacements to reduce cost and increase performance for many years. Elastotec is applying this technology to the wear panels it manufactures


Elastotec has inhouse equipment for testing adhesion between the ceramic tiles and the elastomer and also between the elastomer and the backing plate material. With annual usage in excess of 2,000,000 aluminium oxide tiles per year Elastotec has proven production techniques for bonding ceramic tiles to the elastomer – we have never had a reported case of tile pull out or bond failure in the field.

Rokeby Technologies provides engineered solutions specialising in polymer and composite product technologies for the mining, mineral processing, materials handling and general industry.

Our focus is on innovative high-performance product technologies utilising composite materials such as rubber, ceramics, polyurethane and engineered plastics.

Rokeby Technologies are the exclusive distributor for Elastotec Wear Panel Systems for the regions of Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and New Caledonia.


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