Why Use Lagging in Large Rolls?

  • Reduced stock holding

  • Reduced lead time

  • Reduced cost

  • Reduced wastage

Limitations of ceramic lagging strips cut to size.

Traditionally, pulley lagging has been supplied in cut to size strips that match the pulley face length. This method requires the customer to stock a specific lagging strip length for each pulley size or place an order for each specific job wich is translated in considerable lead times. Figure #1 shows a standard ceramic lagging strip with rubber ends cut to size and the ceramic length matched to the belt width.

Standard Ceramic Lagging with Rubber Ends

Figure #1

Ceramic Lagging design for large rolls

Figure #2

Ceramic lagging manufacturing process for large rolls is more efficient and requires less tooling set up and change – as a result costs are reduced.

Technology development

Elastotec developed the technology and equipment to manufacture lagging in large rolls. This includes:

  • a ceramic lagging design that can be cut to suit many pulley face widths
  • a hot vulcanised joining system
  • handling and packing equipment for large rolls

Joining System

Joining press with injection/transfer tooling designed for each type of lagging profile.

Automatic Motorised Reel

Ceramic Lagging and Rubber Lagging

Lagging rolls a cost effective solution to reduce stock holding and lead time.

Lagging supplied in rolls has 10 mm of rubber between tiles that allow the roll to be cut at any point between tiles. Following the Elastotec application procedures it is possible to make the strip cut from the roll to match the length of many different pulley face widths.
Rolls require minimum stock as only one roll for dimple lagging and one for plain lagging of each thickness need to be stocked.
Because the roll can be cut to size to pulley face length, lagging is no longer made for a specific pulley face length. This gives the customer the posibility to reduce lead times.

Figure #2 shows the design for lagging supplied in rolls.

One Size Fits All

Lagging can be supplied in rolls up to the following sizes:

Rubber Cold Vulcanising 80 m rolls
Rubber Hot Vulcanising 10 m rolls
Polyurethane Cold Vulcanising 80 m rolls
Polyurethane Hot Vulcanising 10 m rolls
Ceramic Cold Vulcanising 60 m rolls
Ceramic Hot Vulcanising 10 m rolls
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