Rubber lagging is the most commonly used pulley lagging. Rubber’s flexibility, it’s abrasion resistance and coefficient of friction make this material popular for increasing grip and reducing wear and corrosion of the pulley shell. Elastotec rubber pulley lagging is engineered to be highly elastic, wear resistant and resistant to outdoor ageing to provide long service life. Through the use of our custom in-house rubber mixing process, Elastotec uses the highest quality materials to ensure the most durable rubber lagging available.


Elastotec rubber pulley lagging can be applied to conveyor drive, tail, snub, bend or take-up pulleys and is designed for use in medium belt tension applications. It is used for conveyor system applications in the mining, quarrying, mineral and metal processing industries but can be used on conveyor pulleys in any application where required. Elastotec rubber pulley lagging has excellent  wet and dry abrasion resistance, a high degree of flexibility for enhanced shedding of carry back and a high degree of protection for the conveyor belt.


Elastotec rubber lagging has a diamond surface profile for removing dirt and water away from the pulley. This profile also increases the coefficient of friction between the drive pulley and conveyor belt, increasing grip and reducing slippage and improving drive and tracking of the conveyor belt. Elastotec rubber pulley lagging is made from different rubber layers co-moulded together. The top layer being the high abrasion resistant layer and the bottom layer being the adhesion CN bonding layer.

Elastotec’s specially formulated CN bonding layer is engineered to achieve ultimate adhesion when bonded to steel pulley surfaces. The CN bonding layer has a buffed finish to provide an increased surface contact area that provides enhanced adhesion.

Elastotec rubber lagging is 250 mm wide to ensure easy handling and application. It is supplied in long roll lengths that fit on standard sized pallets to eliminate waste and for cost effective transportation and storage. It can be supplied in thicknesses from 10 mm to 25 mm.


Highly abrasion resistant rubber that prevents wear on pulley shell and provides a positive drive between pulley and belt.
Dimensional and physical properties stable with age.
Precision moulded strip with optimum rubber properties.
Manageable size and weight. Strip width 250mm makes it easy to install.
Repeating deep diamond pattern to shed water and dirt for better absorption of forces through optimized compression behaviour.
Buffed CN bonding layer and buffed edges for optimum cold vulcanised adhesion to the pulley
Fire resistant and antistatic (FRAS) rubber compound available. Can be used in above or below ground applications.
Coloured diamond segments for ease of identification between NAT and FRAS  lagging. Coloured segments also provide an indication of wear.
Available with Hot Vulcanised bonding layer 100% rubber tear adhesion to pulley. No debonding, no shell corrosion at joints.
Elastotec rubber compounds formulated with advanced protection systems to resist outdoor ageing and extend service life.
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