Slide lagging is a quick replaceable lagging system that has been designed to service a wide range of applications. This system is specially designed to increase conveyor availability as it is applied directly onto the pulley shell. The slide lagging pads slide into retainers welded into the pulley shell. New pads can be easily replaced without removing the pulley from the conveyor.

Can be specified when there’s a requirement for:

  • Easy installation
  • Quick lagging replacement
  • Increase productivity

Elastotec slide lagging range includes abrasion resistant rubber natural and FRAS and rubber backed ceramic natural and FRAS.


Elastotec slide lagging is used in applications that require an easy installation and operation. Benefits include the application and removal of the lagging without removing the drum from the conveyor system and no need to sandblast pulley shell before application, Slide lagging products are recommended for the mining, quarry grain and concrete industries.

Slide lagging kits are supplied pre cut to pulley size for fast and easy installation.


Elastotec slide lagging has specially designed compound elastomers moulded under high pressure to heavy duty steel plates, which are shaped and cut to fit each pulley diameter and face. The plates slide in and out of steel retainers which are welded to the pulley shell.

Elastotec slide lagging designs include rubber slide lagging and ceramic slide lagging all moulded under pressure to the steel plates with no lagging failure from loss of adhesion or separation between the steel and the compound.

Elastotec slide lagging steel plates are135 mm wide to ensure easy handling and application with 5 mm of exposed steel at each side for clipping retainers. Rubber slide lagging is 15 mm thick and ceramic slide lagging is 17 mm thick. Pads length is 1687 mm and can be cut and bent to suit the pulley size.

Elastotec slide lagging steel plates are135 mm wide to ensure easy handling and application and it is 15 mm thick. Slide lagging pads are available in 1687 mm length as standard but complete installation packages cut to size can be supplied. Pads are shaped to meet each pulley diameter. designed for direct application to the pulley. The plates slide in and out of special retainers which are securely welded to the pulley shell.


Available in rubber and ceramic.
Supplied in kits to suit custom pulley diameters and face widths for easy installation.
Easy installation and quick replacement without removing the pulley.
Available with FRAS-approved rubber.
High quality steel plates formed at the factory to fit the curved surface for each individual pulley diameter.
Rust resistant metal retainers permanently welded or bolted to the pulley shell to secure the lagging pads in place.


Elastotec rubber and ceramic slide lagging is available in both Standard and FRAS OIL RESISTANT approved compounds. FRAS OIL RESISTANT lagging is MDG 3608 certified and made of a fire resistant and antistatic compound that is primarily used in underground applications as a safety precaution. Elastotec uses blue coloured inserts to identify Standard rubber products and red coloured inserts to identify FRAS rubber products.

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