Research & Development

Elastotec is focused on constantly improving the service life of the lagging products that it manufactures so that mining companies, and our pulley/conveyor partners benefit from increased operational time, increased production and reduced OH & S. Our motto “Engineered to Perform” is based on a commitment to research and development that has been part of the Elastotec DNA from day 1.

Elastotec employs chemical and mechanical engineers, rubber chemists and other professionals, so that our research and development work can draw from a wide range of expertise. We undertake detailed scientific testing to improve existing products, and to develop new and innovative types of lagging.

We aim to be first to market with new lagging products that provide solutions for the highly challenging international mining environment.

Do you have a problem with pulley lagging that needs solving? Contact our team and let us put our expertise to work for you.

Elastotec – “Engineered to Perform”

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