• To create opportunities for you to gain more business with existing and new customers.
  • To help differentiate your product by providing technical support for correct lagging selection and application, so that your customers achieve measurably better service life, increased production, lower operating costs and reduced OH& S risk.
  • To be your technical resource for solving lagging performance issues.


  • By providing technical support and expertise related to pulley lagging performance, analysis of failures, correct lagging selection and predictive software tools such as “Lagging Analyst”.
  • By providing detailed lagging application methods and training for your staff that maximises lagging performance.
  • Mine visits with your staff to audit lagging performance and discuss target improvements with maintenance personnel.
  • Development of new and innovative lagging products.
  • By providing Pulley Lagging Sales Training course for your technical and commercial staff.

Lagging failures – don’t put up with this

Lagging Failures We Can Eliminate:

  • Ceramic tile debonding
  • Debonding from the pulley shell
  • Edge lifting
  • Joint separation
  • Lifting at joints between strips
  • Pulley shell corrosion at lagging joints
  • Noise and vibration due to uneven thickness

Lagging Failures we can Reduce:

  • Ceramic tile cracking
  • Carryback buildup on lagging
  • Ceramic tile wear
  • Loss of dimples on ceramic tiles
  • Pulley shell corrosion
  • Wear of the bottom belt cover
  • Lagging deterioration with outdoor ageing
  • Damage to the lagging and to the belt for high tension bend pulleys in contact with the dirty side of the belt.


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