New Technology Improves Service Life of Ceramic Pulley Lagging

Elastotec has developed an innovative ceramic pulley lagging system with superior bond strength and outstanding durability, eradicating traditional issues associated with ceramic lagging and making it a unique offering in the market.

Drive Pulley Lagging – The Importance of Proper Technical Analysis and Selection

The performance of drive pulley lagging has become much more important in recent years due to higher torque drives, higher conveyor belt speeds, and the use of ceramic lagging. The popularity of ceramic lagging is due to the reduced risk of drive pulley slip and reduction of lagging wear.

Ceramic Lagging- A Good Thing Can Be Costly If Misused

Ceramic/Rubber composite lagging has gained many fans over the last few years by eliminating drive slip and providing a wear resistance pulley surface. However, like many good things, it has been misapplied in some cases and has contributed to costly problems.